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Rhine Homeschool Services seeks to assist you in your home school journey. We aim to support, encourage, and help you along this road. Whether you are just thinking about homeschooling, just starting, or facing new challenges, we aim to work with you to answer questions and solve problems..

Families Choose to Homeschool for Many Reasons

    • Health and Safety Issues

    • Dissatisfied with current school

    • Faith and Worldview Issues

    • More Family Focus

    • Schedule/Time Issues

    • Incorporate Travel and Other Interests

    • Supplement Remote Learning

Are you considering homeschooling? Wondering if it’s right for you? Get your free copy of the 10 Things You Should Know Before You Start To Homeschool. Get your questions answered and read advice and encouragement about homeschooling.

Where Are You In This Homeschool Journey?


    • Thinking About It
    • Totally New
    • New Challenges
    • Getting a Student Ready for College

Your Journey Is Unique – Because You Are Unique!


No two homeschool experiences are exactly alike. While we may have similar goals and plans, our approaches always differ. We each have our own unique circumstances and family situations that impact how we “do school.” Your school ideas may change dramatically as your children get older. Just because your homeschool isn’t the same as your successful friend’s homeschool does not mean that hers is right and yours is wrong. You have to choose what works for you and your family.


Being a homeschooling parent is not easy. Sure, all the pictures you see online or in magazines give the idea that everyone is smiling, happy, obedient, and organized. Remember, those are just the pictures! What you don’t see is the unfolded laundry hiding in the corner. Or the piles of overdue library books. And those lovely pictures never tell us about the tears and battles that may happen.


It’s easy to get discouraged as a homeschool parent and feel like a complete failure. That’s why we are here. Our goal is to give you the support, understanding, compassion, and resources you need to succeed. My experience as a veteran homeschool mom (Oh, help! Does that make me sound old?) has given me insights to help you with your challenges. My desire is for you to succeed in your homeschool journey.


Rhine Homeschool Services – What Can We Do For You?


Whether you are a new homeschooler, a confused homeschooler, or even just thinking about homeschooling, we’re here to help! Schedule a free introductory call, and let’s talk. One of our service packages might be just what you need!

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