Teaching Reading Comprehension

Develop reading comprehension skills by asking hard questions. Teach your children critical thinking and reading comprehension. Move beyond the simple, basic questions, and dig into those hard questions that require thinking! Don’t be afraid to teach your children to become independent thinkers! Every child deserves the gift of reading, deserves to be taught to read […]

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New Year's Assessment - Looking Back Moving Forward

A New Year’s Assessment – Looking Back, Moving Forward – A great slogan for the first few weeks of any new year. But really, that phrase is so much more than a slogan. It is an action plan! Let’s take that phrase, looking back, moving forward, and put it to work for our benefit. Looking […]

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Ultimate Christmas List for Homeschool Parents

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas list for homeschool parents you know? Christmas wish lists and gift guides are great. We are always looking for good ideas as we shop for gifts for others. Gift lists for homeschool families may be a bit different from other lists. If you looked on Pinterest now, you […]

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Great Ideas for Christmas and Homeschooling

Are you always looking for great ideas? Especially now? Looking for great ideas for Christmas and homeschooling? Or are you feeling like you are always behind, finding all the ideas the week after you really wanted them? Do you ever envy those people who always seem to have everything together? Everything about them is completely […]

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