Personal Photo - Carol Rhine

Hi! Thanks so much for joining us! What do I know about homeschooling? Why should you trust me? My name is Carol Rhine, a veteran home school mom (9 kids and 30+ years). I hope to encourage you, support you, help you, and guide you along your home school journey.

Whether you are a first-time homeschooler or a seasoned veteran, I have been in your shoes. I understand your desire for a great home school experience, and, at the same time, totally get those days when you just want to run away and hide,

My home school journey began about 30 years ago when my oldest was turning 5. I have one year left with our youngest until he finishes high school. When that happens, I will have survived home schooling nine kids from kindergarten through the end of high school – and still retain a bit of sanity.

Being a home school mom was never on my radar before our first child was ready for kindergarten. I planned to just follow the current trend and send my kids off to our Christian school. What changed my mind? Besides paying for tuition? I wanted more for my kids – more character, more kindness, more compassion for others, more critical thinking skills.

You may have different reasons for homeschooling, and that’s okay! Your goals for your kids may vary from mine, or from your friend’s. That’s all right also. We can each approach our home school adventure in our own way, on our own path. But we all can use some help and encouragement along the journey.

And that is what this site is all about. I want to help you succeed! So explore our services – see how we can help you. Do you have some other ideas? Let me know – maybe we can incorporate them into our offerings. Send me your suggestions and feedback.

Feel free to contact us with comments, questions, pleas for help, whatever! I look forward to hearing from you.