Be Innovative! Homeschool Your Child

Be innovative and homeschool your child! What? Yes, you can homeschool your child. Be bold and daring, defy tradition and homeschool! You can do this!

Have you become dissatisfied with aspects of your child’s education? Not happy with things happening in your child’s school or among his classmates? You have options, you know. And homeschooling is one of those options. I encourage you to think about homeschooling, look into what it is, and challenge yourself to consider it.

What is Homeschooling?

Homeschooling is a growing trend across the country. You’ve heard about it in the news, from people you know, from conversations at the park. You’ve seen information about homeschooling on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites. Maybe you have even thought about homeschooling. But what are people talking about? What is homeschooling? Let’s start with a definition.

Homeschooling Definition

Homeschooling is an educational and lifestyle choice about where, when, what, and how your children learn, NOT just public school education done at home or over Zoom. In actual homeschooling, the parents choose who will educate their children, what they will be taught, where the teaching will take place, and how it will happen. Does homeschooling require that Mom teaches everything to every child all the time? Not necessarily. But Mom (and Dad) make the choices that define their child’s education.

Is homeschooling a lifestyle?

Should homeschooling be called a “lifestyle?” It certainly could be. According to the Oxford Dictionary, a lifestyle is “the way in which a person or group lives.” defines lifestyle as “the typical way of life of an individual, group, or culture.”

Homeschooling will undoubtedly affect the way you and your family lives! Whether you choose for Mom to do all the teaching in your homeschool, you choose to use the input from co-op teaching, or you decide to have some of your kids’ education done online, it will be different from your time in public or private schools.

Homeschooling offers freedom and responsibility!

Homeschooling allows you to set your own schedules and routines, plan vacations at non-peak times, and make your own school calendar. It also gives you the freedom for your kids to work at their own pace, to study until they truly grasp the concept, and to tailor the education to fit their needs and interests best. You can include character training and religious instruction in your child’s education.

On the other hand, homeschooling comes with significant responsibilities! You must make sure everyone gets up and does their schoolwork. You are responsible for planning the lessons, grading the assignments, enforcing due dates, and ensuring that your kids learn the necessary materials. It’s all on you!

Yes, You Can Homeschool

You can homeschool your children. Yes, you! You can do this. Will it be easy? Probably not, but you can still homeschool. Teaching degrees are not required, and expertise in every subject is unnecessary. Can you read? Can you do basic math? Then you can start homeschooling your children. As you go through the homeschooling process, you may learn as much or more than your children. And for the things you don’t know? Those challenging subjects like advanced math or chemistry? You can find help.

Homeschooling is legal in all states of the US.

In the United States, homeschooling is legal in every state. But, since each state sets its own rules for homeschooling, the requirements vary from state to state. So, find out the rules for homeschooling in your state. HSLDA’s website (Home School Legal Defense Association) summarizes the homeschooling regulations in each state. Check it out here: Homeschool Laws by State

Oh, and by the way, homeschooling is much more socially acceptable than just 25 years ago. Especially since the pandemic, homeschooling has gained far more credibility than it used to have.

So many resources exist to help you homeschool!

So, you’ve been thinking about homeschooling but don’t know what you need or where to find what you need to start teaching your kids. Where do you even begin? What should you do first? Where do you find information? What about textbooks? How do you choose? Unit studies? What are those? So many questions!

It’s okay to stumble your way into homeschooling. After all, all of us were first-time homeschoolers once upon a time. And there is no “right” way to homeschool! You will figure out a system that works for you, textbooks you are okay with using, and a daily routine that fits your family’s schedule. Be patient with yourself and with your children. After all, homeschooling is a big adjustment for everyone.

Build Your Support System

We all do better in life with a support system, and homeschooling is no exception. So, start building your support network. What will that look like for you? I think it is different for each one of us. Our support needs will also vary because we are all created and wired differently. What works for you will not look the same as what works for me. But here are some suggestions on where to find support for your homeschooling journey.

  • Be sure your spouse is on board with your homeschooling decision. Your spouse should be your biggest cheerleader, encourager, and supporter!
  • Find a homeschool group in your area to join. Make friends with other homeschooling moms and seek their advice and encouragement.
  • Will you be participating in a homeschool co-op? Another opportunity for friendships and support exists there.
  • I offer homeschool support services as well. Whether you need a one-time opportunity to discuss your homeschooling questions or problems or are looking for long-term support and encouragement, check out my services. At least you can schedule a one-time free discovery call where we can connect and begin to help you in your homeschooling journey. You can read all about that HERE: Help with this Homeschool Journey.

So, if you’ve been considering homeschooling, now is the time to start taking action! Remember, homeschooling is a journey, and every journey requires a first step. So, take that first step towards homeschooling – get that free checklist! – and get started on this new adventure. Yes, you can homeschool and do it successfully!

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