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Are you wondering how to combine Valentine’s Day with homeschooling? Looking for ways to incorporate something different into your school day to capture your kids’ attention and spark their interest? Well, keep reading! I have ideas for you! Do you have ideas yet for Valentine’s Day? Coming up with ideas can be hard! Sometimes we […]

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Stacks of books, question marks, thought bubbles - 5 Reasons for a Homeschool Mid-Year Evaluation

Doing a homeschool evaluation mid-year sounds like extra work and effort that you don’t have time to do! But what if that evaluation could save you time, heartache, headaches, and conflict? Does that make it seem more worthwhile? Simply put, an evaluation is an assessment, a judgment of quality, or an appraisal of worth or […]

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White background with wreath of leaves, gourds, pumpkins - Blessings of Homeschooling

Add your homeschool blessings to your list of things to be thankful for this year. As Thanksgiving approaches each year, we receive repeated reminders to count our blessings. And indeed, we have so many things to be thankful for daily! As homeschoolers, we have even more incredible blessings! So, join me in counting your homeschool […]

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Four festive holiday photos, cream colored overlay with dark green text, How to Survive the Holidays while Homeschooling

Can you survive the holidays, homeschool simultaneously, and have everyone get through the season and still retain some sanity? Absolutely! It is not impossible. These four suggestions will help you make it through the upcoming holiday season, continue your homeschooling, and do it all with a smile—most of the time. Maybe – no guarantees on […]

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Secret homeschooling facts? Really? Information you see about homeschooling doesn’t always paint a complete picture. Does that info tell you about how hard homeschooling can be? Or how lonely? And what about glitter? Have you read negative reviews about glitter? Let me tell you, glitter is not your friend! (And some other homeschooling facts no […]

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Apple and school supplies, green and tan - 5 Ways Homeschooling Will Help Your Children Thrive

Are you a newer homeschooler doubting your decision to start this homeschooling journey? Maybe you are a veteran homeschooler who is just so tired of doing all the things. Let me remind you of some of the benefits of homeschooling; five ways that homeschooling will help your children thrive. Because that’s what we all want […]

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You should learn these five essential tips for a successful school year in homeschooling. Whether you are new to homeschooling or you’ve been on this homeschooling adventure for a while, these five essential tips will help you and your kids have a great school year. Essential Tip #1: You and Your Kids Are Unique Each […]

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pastel fence boards Does Your Teen Know These 5 Essential Skills

Does your teen know these 5 essential skills before heading to university? These five skills are critical for your teen’s success as a college student. What are these skills? Read on and find out! Help your teen prepare for this significant change in his life! 5 Essential Skills: #1 – Time Management Starting college or […]

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