Guide to Solving Math Word Problems

Do math word problems leave you or your child confused?

This FREE guide shows you a step-by-step process for understanding and solving those word problems!

Every child needs an opportunity to succeed in math. And not every homeschool parent feels confident in teaching math. One of the challenging aspects of teaching math is word problems. Do those frustrate and confuse you? This guide will give you confidence as you help your child work through word problems. 

How Will This Guide Help You?

  • Learn a step-by-step process for working through word problems
  • Learn to identify the question being asked
  • Learn to find words to clue you in on which arithmetic operations to use
  • Learn to recognize important information for solving the problem
  • Learn to eliminate non-essential parts of the problem
  • Use color to aid a child’s understanding of the problem
  • Does the answer make sense?
  • Approach the problems like a detective and use investigating skills to solve word problems

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