We all need help; we all need resources to assist us in planning, decisions, whatever. Where do we go to find the help we need? Let me list a few home school resources for you here. And just so you know, I do not work for, represent, or receive any financial remuneration from any sources I list here for you.

Your Local Library

Anytime you need to look for supplemental books, research materials, books to fill out a unit study, always start with your library! Libraries offer so many resources – everything from books and magazines to toys, puzzles, puppets, videos, even entire classes on DVDs! Learn to love your library! And librarians can be a great resource as well.

Home School Curriculum Choices

I love the catalog from Rainbow Resource Center. They have SO many offerings in their catalog; you are sure to find something that will work for you. Their inventory is huge! My kids always enjoyed their Christmas catalog. They would go through the descriptions and mark all the items they wanted. Not that they usually got the things they circled, but they had fun looking! You can access their website here.

Home School Legal Assistance

The most prominent organization for home school legal assistance is the Home School Legal Defense Association. Their website is full of information about homeschooling and related legal issues. You can find out about legal requirements for homeschooling in your state, access vital homeschooling information, and learn about their organization and how it assists home school families. Find their website here.

I will update this list periodically, so keep checking back for new ideas and resources.

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