Apple and school supplies, green and tan - 5 Ways Homeschooling Will Help Your Children Thrive

Are you a newer homeschooler doubting your decision to start this homeschooling journey? Maybe you are a veteran homeschooler who is just so tired of doing all the things. Let me remind you of some of the benefits of homeschooling; five ways that homeschooling will help your children thrive. Because that’s what we all want […]

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You should learn these five essential tips for a successful school year in homeschooling. Whether you are new to homeschooling or you’ve been on this homeschooling adventure for a while, these five essential tips will help you and your kids have a great school year. Essential Tip #1: You and Your Kids Are Unique Each […]

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pastel fence boards Does Your Teen Know These 5 Essential Skills

Does your teen know these 5 essential skills before heading to university? These five skills are critical for your teen’s success as a college student. What are these skills? Read on and find out! Help your teen prepare for this significant change in his life! 5 Essential Skills: #1 – Time Management Starting college or […]

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Both you and your teen need to know some important things about insurance before that teen heads off to university! Usually, as our kids get ready to go off to college, we spend time helping our kids shop, get organized, pack, get their schedules set up, etc. But, I want to encourage you to consider […]

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How to make resurrection rolls

The Resurrection Story. Resurrection Rolls. The True Meaning of Easter. Everyone loves Christmas. (Or at least most people!) But what about Easter? Without the resurrection of Easter, there would be no reason for Christmas. Without the resurrection, Christianity would have no reason to exist. Think about it. Almost every religion had a founder or leader […]

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4 pictures relating to school and kids - Homeschool driving you crazy?

Are your kids driving you crazy? Is the stress of dealing with multiple children and homeschooling getting to you? I understand what you are going through. But don’t give up quite yet. Let me share some thoughts and ideas that might help you keep going or help you reframe your thoughts. When Your Kids Are […]

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