Common Homeschool Questions

Those common homeschool questions. You know they are coming. You’ve heard them all before—the questions. The same questions – again. You try and brace for them, but it seems like every social gathering you go to, you get asked the same questions—those questions about homeschooling. Maybe your friends or family members look at you like […]

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Current Events

Has your child ever asked you how something he must study is ever relevant to real life? When will I ever use this? OK – maybe you won’t find these questions in the elementary grades, but by the time kids get to algebra, they will certainly be asking that question. Do you have answers for […]

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Good Character Matters

A child’s character and reputation should matter to every parent. As homeschool parents, we have an advantage – we have all day, every day, to form and mold our child’s character, reputation, and values. We have the opportunity to see how our children react and respond in different situations and various challenges and pressures all […]

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