Great Gift Ideas for Homeschooling Families

Are you looking for great gift ideas for the homeschooling family on your Christmas list? Are you shopping for gifts that you hope will help them on their educational journey? Maybe you are looking for some presents that will be useful in their homeschooling efforts. Maybe you are a homeschool parent looking for some brilliant […]

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How to Overcome Information Overload

Information overload! It is such a real thing! We have so much information available at our fingertips – Facebook, the entire internet, libraries, e-books, courses, YouTube, Pinterest, you name it. It is all out there just waiting to suck us into Information Overload Syndrome. We research, read reviews, study scope and sequence charts, discuss the […]

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10 Ideas to Start School Year without Textbooks

Here are 10 ideas for ways to start your school year strong without textbooks. Maybe you just got on board the homeschool train for this year and are working on getting materials ordered. Perhaps you ordered all your materials in plenty of time for the fall, but some items were on backorder. Or the delivery […]

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Curriculum - What is it?

Curriculum – As homeschool parents, this is a word we hear all the time. We get curriculum catalogs, read advice about different publisher’s curricula, visit curriculum fairs. But I think, with all that, we are missing out on some essential things. We may not have a correct view of what curriculum is. So, let’s take […]

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Teaching Reading Comprehension

Develop reading comprehension skills by asking hard questions. Teach your children critical thinking and reading comprehension. Move beyond the simple, basic questions, and dig into those hard questions that require thinking! Don’t be afraid to teach your children to become independent thinkers! Every child deserves the gift of reading, deserves to be taught to read […]

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