I’m Looking for some Help with This Homeschool Journey!


Schedule an hour-long ZOOM session with me, and we’ll talk about your homeschooling questions and concerns. Let’s get you moving on the path to homeschooling success!


Do you have a hundred questions about homeschooling? Are you wondering if you are doing this homeschooling thing right? Do you need someone to listen to your ideas and challenges? Are you planning to homeschool? Have you decided to homeschool, but you are unsure how to start? Schedule an hour-long Zoom session with me, and we’ll talk about your questions. We will tackle the issues you are facing as you begin homeschooling. We’ll talk about your situation, why you choose to homeschool, how you start homeschooling. We’ll set you up for success as a homeschooling family. Gain access to our private Facebook group. Ask questions, get answers, receive encouragement, and find support from others on this same homeschooling journey.


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