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‘Tis the Day Before Thanksgiving

(With apologies to all poets everywhere!)

‘Tis the day before Thanksgiving, and my house is a mess.

Company dinner tomorrow – I am so stressed!

The pies are all made, but there is flour on the floor.

The kids played in the mud, so there was mud on the door.

The turkey’s not thawed, though it’s out of the freezer,

There is too much to do, and tomorrow won’t be easier.

I have the stuffing to make and cranberry sauce,

Potatoes to mash, and I must clean the house!

My to-do list is long; there’s just so much to do!

Oh, some others coming for dinner – wait! Who?

My attitude’s lousy, I’m crabby, I know,

Oh, how I wish all that dirt didn’t show!

But wait! This isn’t how Thanksgiving should be!

I should not feel stressed and, oh, so panicky.

Instead, I need gratitude, calmness, and peace.

My stress and anxiety just need to cease.

So, we only have six pies, just not ten,

And the turkey barely fits in the oven.

But we have plenty of food – more than enough!

Casseroles, veggies, and even Orange Fluff.

The house is not perfect, but it is warm and full.

It won’t win awards, but it is secure.

Dirty corners and fingerprints are still there,

But since this is Thanksgiving, I’ll try not to care.

Our family is here, all the ones who could come,

So grateful we are to welcome them home.

Count your blessings, they say, and I know it is true

They are abundant – so much more than a few.

The blessings of family, of comfort, of home,

Of freedom, of peace, of God on His throne.

The blessings of hope, of provision, and love,

Of prayer and its answers from God above.

So, this year, as you’re making your Thanksgiving list,

Be sure to include just how much you are blest.

Be thankful for everything – even the dog.

Lift your voice high in praise to God.

Fill your heart with Thanksgiving, lift your voice in a song,

Your attitude’s better, even when things go wrong.

Your grateful spirit will infect those around you

And you’ll smile together all the day through.

Carol Rhine Rhine Home School Services

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