Ultimate Christmas List for Homeschool Parents

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas list for homeschool parents you know? Christmas wish lists and gift guides are great. We are always looking for good ideas as we shop for gifts for others. Gift lists for homeschool families may be a bit different from other lists. If you looked on Pinterest now, you could probably easily find at least a couple dozen wish lists or gift guides, especially for homeschool families.

While new books and games, special pens, and notebooks are all great, those aren’t the things homeschool parents really wish for. Nope, not even close. But keep reading because I have the ULTIMATE Christmas list for homeschool parents, the things that homeschool parents REALLY want!

The Shoe Tracker

You know how it goes – every time you are running late and hurrying to get everyone out the door, someone cannot find their shoes. It doesn’t matter if you are organized, if your house is clean, or if you found everyone’s shoes the night before, someone will be missing at least one shoe! It might even be you!

This shoe tracker will save the day for you. Enter in every pair of shoes in the household, and what shoes belong to which person. Then, when the shoes are not to be found, click the appropriate button on the shoe tracker, and you will be alerted to the location of any missing shoe. No excuse for the “I can’t find it” routine!

Note: The Deluxe Version of the Shoe Tracker will not only locate the missing shoes but also cause them to appear before you within seconds.

The Permanent Wonder Markers

What happens when toddlers meet permanent markers? Nothing good, I can assure you! Marks on the carpeting, scribbles on the walls, streaks on the siblings – you know how that goes. What if you never had to deal with those worries ever again?

Introducing the Permanent Wonder Markers! These markers are guaranteed to write only on paper. Not walls, clothing, or the dog. You will never need to worry about a missing marker from your desk again. Your children can freely write on the walls, and no one will ever know about it. Even better, these specially designed markers will never bleed through the paper and onto the couch. Put these on your Christmas list today!

The Transformer Ball

Are you tired of sports balls everywhere? Tired of tripping over basketballs, soccer balls, tennis balls, and the like? You need to get just one or two of these Transformer Balls!

No matter which ball is needed for the game of the day, the Transformer Ball has you covered. It can be a soccer ball today, a basketball tomorrow, and a football the next day. No more boxes of random balls! Get the Transformer Ball and eliminate all the others.

The Textbook Detector

Time for school to start, and Child 1 cannot find his science book. Child 2 is unable to locate the penmanship book, and Child 3 has lost her science text. So, you spend the next two hours cleaning instead of teaching, trying to locate the missing books.

Enough of that! Get the Textbook Detector! Each textbook connected to the Textbook Detector will automatically send out directional pings, identifying its location at all times. You will immediately be able to send Child 1 to get his book from under the couch, Child 2 to collect the penmanship book from behind the bed, and so on. Think how much extra time you will have. Yes, you really need this Textbook Detector!

Invisible Ear Plugs

Are you tired of getting headaches from listening to children arguing? Or people illogically “debating?” These COMPLETELY Invisible Ear Plugs will solve all those issues immediately!

Insert these Invisible Ear Plugs immediately when any “lively discussion” begins. No one will ever know you are wearing them, and you will never be bothered by ridiculous and illogical arguments again. (Caution: Be sure to intervene upon any evidence of potential physical violence occurring!)

The Freezigeratoven

The Freezigeratoven is the latest in convenience appliances, sure to become the most popular and coveted home appliance on the market today. You will be the envy of the neighborhood once you get one of these!

What will the Freezigeratoven do for you? Almost everything relating to meal preparation! Go from freezer to oven to table in one easy step. Enter your meal preference for the day into the appliance dashboard, set the time you wish to eat, and let the appliance do the rest of the work!


You have wanted one of these ever since you first saw Cinderella! Don’t kid yourself; this has been on your wish list for years. Now you can have your own private MAGIC WAND!

This wand, complete with sparkles and air glitter, will clean your home in no time! Wave the wand in the appropriate room, and in just seconds, the room will be sparkling clean! (Note: This wand does not function well in children’s rooms; they must learn to clean their rooms themselves.)

The Telepathic Lesson Planner

All that talk about saving the trees and conserving paper, how has that worked out for you as a homeschool parent? Not so well? Do you feel like you go through reams of paper every month? And lesson planning eats up a good stack of paper. No more of that! This Telepathic Lesson Planner is the latest trend in paperless homeschooling.

How does this work? The Telepathic Lesson Planner is so easy to use! Just think through the lesson plans for each child. The Lesson Planner senses your thoughts, records them, and then automatically implants the lesson plans for the day in your child’s mind. Imagine that! Your child wakes up each morning and knows intuitively what is expected of him for his schoolwork that day. No paper involved!

Upgrade to the Deluxe Package of the Telepathic Lesson Planner, and your child will receive constant schoolwork reminders throughout the day.

The All-In-One Paper Scanner and Grader

Sometimes the hardest part of homeschooling is keeping up with all the papers and assignments that need grading. Math homework, science assignments, history tests – they are all there, stacked on your desk, waiting until you find enough free time to grade them all. I know, the piles seem to be endless. That’s why you need this All-In-One Paper Scanner and Grader!

The All-In-One Paper Scanner and Grader is quite easy to use. Insert the paper into the scanner, let the machine read, grade, and record each assignment’s score. You could even have your children scan their own papers when completed. Your desk will be cleaner, your stress will be less, and all those papers will be instantly graded!

Be sure to get the added features; these will allow for grading of essays and short answer papers also!

The Ultimate Luxury Cubicle Van

Whether you are traveling to music lessons, soccer practice, homeschool co-op meetings, field trips, or Grandma’s house, you need one of these Cubicle Vans. Even though your current van may be fitted with captain’s chairs, you know that is never enough to keep children completely separated from each other.

If you have heard “She touched me” more than once, you need the Ultimate Luxury Cubicle Van. Each child is assigned his own cubicle seating. No one is within touching distance of anyone else. Cubicle dividers can be raised higher as needed to avoid the “He looked at me” issue.

The Elite Levels of the Ultimate Luxury Cubicle Van come with separate video screens and headphones for each cubicle. Also included are Invisible Ear Plugs for the non-driving parent.

I trust this Ultimate Christmas List for homeschool parents will be a big help as you plan your holiday gift lists and spending this year. Did I miss anything that should be included in the list? Let me know in the comments!

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