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Make Visual Connections in History

Learning history is all about stories and connections. Are your kids struggling with this? Are they making the needed connections between people and events? Use this Do-It-Yourself History Timeline to help your kids connect those stories.

When In the World?
A Do-It-Yourself History Timeline

  • Each child can keep his personal timeline, or several children can work on a community timeline together.
  • You or your children choose what to include on the timeline.
  • It can be used cumulatively for multiple years. Keep adding pages and elements.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Make each entry personal. You can add elements to the timeline, write on the timeline, or draw arrows to make connections.
  • Make as many copies of any of the pages as needed.
  • Set up each page to work according to your needs.
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When In the World? A Do-It-Yourself History Timeline is for you if:

  • You are looking for ways for your kids to make bigger connections between people and world events in history.
  • Your children are struggling to remember important people and places in history.
  • You want to involve more sensory learning skills in your history or social studies lessons.
Different timeline elements
More timeline elements

FAQ Section

Why should I use a history timeline in my homeschool?

  • History is all about making connections between people, places, and events. Using a timeline will help your children better understand those connections.
  • The more reinforcement activities we provide our children, the better they learn and retain information.

What is a do-it-yourself history timeline?

  • This history timeline is designed for you to use in the ways that work best for you and your children.
  • You decide how many years are represented on each page.
  • You choose which historical people or events are included on the timeline.
  • Your children will be active participants in their learning.

How can I use a do-it-yourself history timeline?

  • Print out the landscape (horizontal) format and use the timeline on the walls of your schoolroom.
  • Use the portrait format (vertical) and use the pages in a notebook.
  • You can assign certain events for your children to add the their timelines, or you can let them choose which people and events they think are important.

What supplies do I need to use this do-it-yourself timeline?

  • A printer
  • Scissors
  • Glue, glue sticks, or tape
  • A wall or notebook
  • Also recommended: pen or pencils, colored pencils, crayons, or markers

Refund Policy

Because of the nature of digital products, no refunds are provided for this history timeline product. 

Price: $9.00
Get the complete History Timeline package here! Includes multiple options for timeline page layouts and four pages of unique elements to add to your timeline.